They Call Me Starbucks (Please Read Description)

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse for Sale in Kentucky
  • City:Mount Vernon
  • Zip Code:
    Sale Price:$ 3,500.00
  • Gender:Gelding
  • Height:15.2
    Weight: 1050 lbs
  • Foal Date: December, 2009
    Temperament:  1
  • Registration(s):
    • Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry
  • Markings:See images
  • Attributes:
  • Disciplines:
    • Beginner/Family
    • Family/Home/Farm Use
    • Trail Riding/ Recreational


Price May Change At Anytime please contact me for more information or more details including price information, pre purchase exam, coggins, papers, video, Images and more... How do you define a perfect horse? Is there such a thing as a perfect horse? Or is it just an idea of us finding a horse that meets our wants and needs? If so Starbucks may be the definition of a perfect horse. Starbucks is a stout built 15.2hh 10 year old mountain horse gelding with perfect conformation. Starbucks is registered with the PSHR and has a good pedigree. He is a gorgeous buckskin with all black points and all the mane and tail you could ever ask for. Super intelligent and willing to please his owner. Ability and gait to die for. These are just some of the boxes he checks off on that perfect horse list. Starbucks has been one of my personal trail horses this past summer and spring. I have hauled him all over the country trail riding him and stocking up on blue ribbons at fun shows. He is truly one of a kind. We bought him off an older lady in WV who had raised him. She never missed a weekend trail riding for years. Until this past year when she had gotten sick and wasn’t going to be able to ride and care for her horses like they needed. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with him because he is truly an unbelievable horse that you just love to be around. Starbucks is a very personable horse and loves treats and being groomed. He is easy to clip, wash, and is good for the farrier. Stands quietly tied and is easy to saddle and bridle. Stands perfect to mount from the ground or a mounting block and always rides off quietly. Ok now for the goods!! Starbucks is one of the best gaited horses you will ever ride! He has a fantastic flat walk and running walk gait he will flat cover some ground. He will shake his head with every step and is so smooth. But wait there is more.... He can do more than just that he can switch over and rack and get down the road and never miss a beat. You used to find horses like this but they have bred that out of them now. It’s been along time since I have rode a horse in todays time so versatile. Starbucks rides out with or with out company. No barn or buddy sourness at all. He will ride front back or middle of a group with no issues. Starbucks is a trail horse deluxe. You won’t find another horse anywhere any better than him in the woods. He really takes his time and watches where he is going. He crosses all types of water, fallen trees, slippery rocks and rough terrain in general. He is traffic and atv safe. Great around livestock and wildlife as well. If you are looking for the Prettiest, Best gaited, Smartest horse out there you need to give Starbucks a look. If you have any questions you can shoot us a message or call us at 606-308-2414 call or text anytime. We are located in Mount Vernon Ky and can help with arranging shipping if needed. Thanks for looking!! And PS watch the video there is over an hours worth of footage showing everything imaginable.